Filters in Intune is now in Preview

Microsoft has released long awaited Filters in Intune since Monday 10th May.

This is long overdue for such a rule based additional criteria for configuration Profiles and App Deployments.

In the past the only way any policies are targeted on devices were using groups. This has always been hard for Administrators to manage when there are multiple mixtures of environment and Teams in organization have different set of policy requirements.

This mostly achieved in a cumbersome method of creating manually assigned members groups and rules based dynamic groups both used in tandem with mutually exclusive settings when deploying policies for Organizations that has different types of devices within a team.

Now with Filters available we can create filters with similar rules as used in Dynamic groups but much more closely integrated within Intune Policy assignment page.

Enable filters public preview

To use filters, you must enable it in your organization tenant.

  1. Sign in to the Endpoint Manager admin center.

  2. Select Tenant administration > Filters (preview) > Try out the filters (preview) feature.

  3. Set Filters (preview) to On:

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